Production Crew

Cross Country Live-Stream

Loughborough, England

British Athletics Cross Challenge

Working alongside Vinco Sport and the British Athletics team, Story House Productions created an exciting and detailed 4-hour long coverage of the 2022 British Athletics Cross Challenge final, held at Prestwold Hall in Loughborough. To live-stream sport events, we utilise multiple broadcast cameras strategically placed along the track, all with their own LiveU or Teradek bonded encoder, alongside a bird’s eye view from a drone following the runners. Our remote production team then took each individual SRT feed to put together the final output, which was then commentated over. Collectively the 10 races garnered over 30,000 views worldwide.

From the firing of the starting gun to the last-minute sprint, and every twist and turn along the way, our team of trained camera operators captured the pack as it raced along the track, transmitting each of their individual footage back to our mobile production team that mixed through feeds to then broadcast, inserting graphics and overlays to enhance the viewers experience along the way. Each shooting position was chosen carefully to not only effectively capture each moment, but also safely, using platforms to get the best possible angles for each stage of the live race.

Each production decision made for a sports live stream is made to be benefit the viewer watching at home, immersing them in the competition to feel as though they are actually there.

Broadcast camera filming the british athletics cross challenge in Loughborough, England

In addition to viewing live on the day, viewers can rewatch the whole event again from the same link, skipping to certain sections and races if they wish.

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